This is typically the most confusing part for customers when selecting which coffee to purchase.

There are many misconceptions about what different coffee roasts tastes like, so we thought it would be beneficial to provide a quick reference guide.

We hope this helps!


    Light roast coffee has a relatively mild flavor and high caffeine content. It can also have more acidity and some bitterness to its taste, but very low oiliness.

    Light roast has been heated less than medium or dark coffees, so it will have a light brown color.

    • More caffeine than darker roasts
    • Brighter, floral, more “acidic” flavor
    • Some bitterness present
    • Floral and fruity flavours
    • Have a thinner body
    Light Roast Coffees 

    Medium roast coffee is probably the most popular in America, as you get the best of both world's here.

    The caramelized flavor of the beans really starts to shine through in medium roast coffees due to the higher heat exposure.

    • Less caffeine than a Light Roast
    • Smooth, less bitter taste 
    • Honey or caramel sweetness
    • Medium body
    • Rich, rounded aromas
    Medium Roast Coffees 

    Dark roast coffee has been through a much longer and hotter roasting process, producing dark brown beans with a bold flavor.

    Dark roasted beans will retain some oil on their surface, giving them a light sheen.

    • Contains less caffeine than all other roasts
    • Has a bolder, more “toasty” flavor
    • Beans are more brittle and hollow
    • Has a fuller, more robust body
    • Secrete more oil, which causes a shiny surface*
    Dark Roast Coffees