Once a techie, always a techie!

Java + Black = Our (Name × Coffee × Purpose)

Java Black Coffee Co. isn't just a cool name we came up with... It actually has a lot to do with our purpose.

"Java" is widely known as another word for coffee, I'm sure you already knew that part...

But did you also know it is the name of computer programming languages? Java & JavaScript are both popular programming languages in the technology world. 

Now keep the technology piece in mind because here is where it comes into play...

The word "Black" in our name requires a little more discussion.

First off, black is how a lot of people around the world drink their coffee; actually black with sugar.  Some people like nothing more than an invigorating cup of black coffee!

But Black is also my ethnicity, and the ethnicity of those I am looking to help get more exposure and training in the area of technology (JAVA). 

Many black schools and organizations lack the access and funding critical for technology training.  

And as a result, Blacks make up less than 7% of technology employees in the US... We have got to find a way to change this!

I’ve always been a huge advocate for technology. As a matter of fact, I have a Bachelors Degree in it!

To me, technology is the great equalizer. When used correctly and consistently, technology can allow a much smaller business (such as ours) to be much more competitive with the big boys.

Not only that, technology is an excellent field of study and even better career path. So if you can prove yourself in the tech field you will never be unemployed. At least not for long! 

So to do our part, Java Black Coffee Co. will donate a portion of our profits to support people & organizations that teach and train Technology to our youth.

Once a techie, always a techie… And this techie is always looking for ways to pay it forward... On purpose!!

Ben Ward, CEO
Ben Ward
CEO, Java Black Coffee Co.