In the coffee world, there are two types of coffee - commercial or specialty.

Commercial coffee is usually mass produced and processed by large corporations who value profits over product. 

Quantity is stressed over quality, and in order to produce large volumes of harvest, things like fertilizer and pesticides are commonplace in the growing process. 

The vast majority of the coffee that is sold in your big box grocery stores is commercial coffee; including brands like Folgers, Maxwell House, and Green Mountain.


You can choose to drink specialty coffee instead... And specialty coffee tastes much better than commercial coffee!

Specialty coffee is not mass produced, but grown by small, family-owned farms and hand-picked when it has hit its peak ripeness. 

It's also processed with all the same strict standards as larger, commercial brands; but by small family roasters who go to great lengths to preserve the coffee's freshness and taste! 

Add all of that to the massive savings you will experience by brewing your own coffee at home; and the choice is obvious!

While specialty coffee makes up just over 4% of the world's coffee production, Java Black Coffee Co. has vowed to provide only these best coffees to our customers. 

We hope you enjoy!