C.R.E.A.M. Coffee Mug Giveaway Rules

No purchase necessary to enter. Prize will be shipped to the winner at no expense. 

Entries (points) will be earned based on actions performed:

  • Share the Giveaway post on your IG or FB page – 4 entries
  • Like our Facebook page – 2 entries
  • Like the Facebook post specified – 1 entry
  • Follow our Instagram page – 2 entries
  • Watch the Instagram video – 1 entry

All actions are optional and only one is required to be entered into the contest giveaway.

Each person may only enter once, and a maximum of 10 entry points will be given to each person.

Each entry (per person) will be assigned a unique number. These numbers will be used to compare with a random number generator to declare the winner.

After a winner is selected, we will confirm that they winner completed each action they declared was done. If all stated actions were done, we will award the mug to the winner. If all the actions were not completed, or reversed (Unliked our FB page, Unfollowed our IG page, etc); we will then select another winner and start the whole verification process all over again.

Good luck!!