Why a Coffee Company?

Why a Coffee Company?

My initial response to the question "Why a coffee company?" is always "Why not?"

I know its not the first business people think of starting, especially in 2022. Most want to start a Tech company nowadays, but I've been there and done that already... Looking for something different this time. 

And every time I came up with a new idea, I ran it through my checklist of criteria below to see how it stacked up. 

In order for me to want to pursue it, it had to meet these guidelines:

  • It had to be a product that could be sold 24/7 online via a website or social media platform
  • It had to be in an established industry, that regardless of what the economy does, there will be a demand for the product
  • It had to be something that I personally was or could be passionate about
  • It had to be something that I could run with a small number of employees
  • It had to be something that I could tie a "Cause" or "Mission" to so my customers were getting more than just a product 

So after mulling over this list of criteria for a few months, coffee was what I came up with!

Coffee is the type of product that can easily be sold online and ships easily across the world. 

Most people don't know that oil is the only product that is exported and traded more in the world than coffee.  For instance, the US coffee industry earned over $80 billion dollars just last year!

Coffee is something that people are most definitely passionate about! We all know someone who every morning is like "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee..." 

Some of us may even be that person ✋🏾.

I personally know people who stop at Starbucks twice a day just to get their fix. Imagine how much that costs per month 🥴.

But that passion about a product is important because that means as long as you deliver a great product, your customers will find a way to keep ordering. 

The bonus for them is they will also be helping teach Technology skills to underprivileged children, because we will be donating a portion of all our sales to this cause.


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